Tricking a cheater/liar

To;Dr how to get a cheater to admit or tell you without asking directly, stories or tips tl;dr

Does anyone have experience or stories about getting a girlfriend (or even a boyfriend) to admit to cheating or how you've caught them. Preferably low key subtle actions or just to make them tell you without asking. Me(26M) and girlfriend (29F)

Lately me and my girlfriend have been going through ups and downs there have been numerous strange coincidences, finding strange clothes, like a sweatshirt I'm pretty sure is her exes, a nice date night black dress, an all lace black thong she wore in the bottom of her purse. There has to be tips or stories of how you've found out or gotten them to admit to cheating without asking directly.

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  1. Chrissette James // September 7, 2017 at 9:58 pm // Reply

    Well, theres certainly something you could do!! You could contact [email protected]. They helped me discover the truth when i was having similar problems with my boyfriend. They are a team of certified hackers who know everything about internet bypassing and could help you discover secrets about your spouse discretely.

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