This is pretty sketchy or am I crazy?

I've been with my husband since 2013. We got married in 2014. But from the very beginning there have been little things that just don't sit right with me. Ive mostly ignored them but this entire time it feels like my relationship is all a lie.

I ended up snooping a lot because it bugged me so much as I have been wanting to find more solid evidence.

I saw a video he recorded at a football practice (Our son plays). The video starts with a song being played in the background and the kids are out on the field practicing. He's recording through a window and the video is only about a minute long. Right at the end, he turns around and so you can see a reflection in the window. Then, almost directly behind him is another parent. This person was facing forward (also looking out the window), I know because you can see the reflection of her shirt in the window. It doesnt look like she just walked up because the reflection isn't moving. So, as he turns around, this lady who was extremely close given the size of the room and the fact that he claims he did not know she was up there, also turns around and starts walking away. I would say they were within a foot of each other.

And I keep trying to make sense of this. His explanation is that she came up looking for the bathroom key. And he did not know she was standing behind him. But, I am of the mindset that if a stranger is that close, you'll end up feeling their presence or when you turn around, you'd be surprised that someome was so close.

The ending of the video from reflection to when the recording stops is only anout 5-7 seconds. But you can clearly tell how close this person is… And hes already lied and said the video was zoomed in, thats why she appears so close but the video ends with his foot on screen and it looks to be a normal distance. So that to me is one of the lies he has told.

Am I reading too much into this? Someone today said to me that there are no coincidences. So, am I looking for something to be wrong or is this video the closest I'll ever probably get to confirmation that he lies and maybe cheats?

I can send the link if anyone is interested in watching.

Sorry so long…

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