in a state of shock and I can’t tell anybody

I need to tell this story and reddit is the only place it can be told.

backstory: we've been together for 8 years, both have been married and divorced, children are adults and adult children are out of the house, and we married this past July 2nd.

We planned a wedding ceremony to take place July 2nd. We spent much more than I wished; however she wanted a beautiful wedding, and it was a beautiful wedding. we had about 60 people at the wedding. Kids, friends, family ,and neighbors.

We had a fantastic honey moon in New Orleans.

On August 29th, my new brides daughter sent me a text, asking if I knew what her mother, my wife does on a daily basis.

She had sent me a video of a text conversation between her mom (who is my wife) and her boyfriend. She used a phone to record the text conversation.

The video she sent me shows that her mom (my new wife) and her boyfriend have been having an affair for at least 9 months.

i showed this video of the text message to my new wife. she admitted that they were having an emotional affair. She could not say that the texts were not between her and her daughters boyfriend.

i asked to see her phone. I found the text conversations that stretched back to late December; however, it may have started earlier than that. This guy had to use three different phones, so i had to search her phone to find the conversations. Turns out that he has had DUI, lost jobs, kicked out of his apartment. You get the picture.

This guy was even at our wedding.

over an eight month period they would share as many as 60 texts per day They would also plan to meet in person, have phone conversations and share emails.

Remember, i only found about this because of my wife's daughter told me what was going on.

When I confronted my wife about the emails she would would deny everything until I had evidence.

Me – "Did you ever exchange emails?" Her, "No, i don't even know his email address". I then would find a text message where she said she would send him an email to his email address. She relented and said that they did exchange email.

Me, "did you every give him money?" Her "No, i never gave him money!" then I would find a text message where he thanked her for loaning him money, and that he promised to pay her back. Again, she relented and said that she only gave him a little money.

I asked her if this was just an emotional affair or did you two have sex? "No, we never even touched each other".

Remember, we were married July 2nd. The following message is from July 16th.

Here is an example of a text exchange: (Her daughters boyfriend) – You could type him a message and tell him i have blue eyes and im packing the heat. (My wife) – Lol! (Her daughters boyfriend) – This message better make you smile (My wife) 🙂

Out of the 1,000's of email messages, these are just a few examples.

I'm in a complete state of shock, to say the least.

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