I think my boyfriend is messing around

Alright so here's the deal. In the beginning of our talking stages my boyfriend [22] "cheated on me" I put that in parentheses because he doesn't claim it was cheating because he didn't think he'd end up with me and I was "annoying" Before I found out I asked about the girl (he accidentally sent me pictures of her) and he said he was putting her on with his bestfriend. That was obviously a lie because I found out everything. Fast forward 3 years later our relationship has had some rough patches but all in all we've moved forward and I know that he hasn't cheated on me in those 3 years and I love this boy unconditionally. I went on his Instagram one night just for the hell of it and I found this girl that was in his search bar. I didn't think too much of it I mean she was a beautiful girl he can look but he can't touch right? Two weeks passed and we go on his Snapchat and I see a message from the same girl. If anybody is familiar with Snapchat you know the message goes away. I asked him to click on it and he did and there was nothing. He says he doesn't remember what he said to her. He claims it was his best friends "girl". I've heard this lie before I need to know if I'm being crazy or I actually need to leave. any advice

TL;DR A girl came up on my boyfriends Instagram and he happened to message her on snapchat in the same time frame. I asked about it and he says he doesn't remember and that she's his best friends EX when he's made up that lie before and I actually caught him cheating

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