Emily Renner of Merriam Kansas

Emily Renner of Merriam Kansas has a penchant for the wild side.
She convinced me to try something new in “needleplay”.
I was stupid for allowing her to try this on me as it was totally unplanned and COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BLUE.
She was stunningly smart and verbose and her skill in wording convinced me that this was ok.
I found out in less than a year that I had contracted Hep C. The only occasion that this could have happened was during her “play” sessions that happened a few time after the initial occurrence.
I feel that I am totally to blame for allowing this to happen but she was so alluring and attractive. I let my guard down and in the process I opened myself up to unsafe practices.
I knew that she was experienced in some sort of community in Kansas City and that gave me a sense of safety but in this process I allowed myself to be introduced to a dangerous environment created in private by a careless woman.
When I confronted her about this I was told that it was not her problem and that I could prove nothing. She is right.
There is nothing else that I can really do at this point, nothing is set in stone. I just know that she coerced me into something I was uncomfortable with and that I am now in treatment for this condition.
She relies on her wit, charm and social influence to coerce people into dangerous private situations. BEWARE OF THIS WOMAN!!! SHE APPEARS VERY WELL PUT TOGETHER BUT SHE IS DANGEROUS!
I won’t even describe the things she revealed to me that she had done to others.
emily renner

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