Darren Ambler, New Jersey – Remember me????

Darren Ambler is a bad boy and a sneak. He really thinks he is clever and fools everyone. First, Darren told me his name was Damen not Darren. So he lied right off the bat. He probably uses several fake names. He lives in Delran NJ. Which I found out is in South Jersey. He does not want a long term respectable relationship. Darren Ambler wants “Sex” period. He seems obsessed with sex. He goes wild over oral sex. Like he has not had it in years. He was seeing other women while he was with me. He did not seem overly concerned about using protection during sex. He was a nut.

Obviously he is a big time cheater- liar. Uses women as sex objects. I met him on line. He forced me into sex the first night i saw him. Believe me- he could use practice. Told me some story about naked photos of himself. I got the impression he is a bit disturbed- insecure and can’t keep the lies straight. Would not tell me much about himself- his job etc….He did seem lonely and sad about something. I do not appreciate being used . He did not have much to offer. Not good looking- not much personality and his bedroom skills suck. I now have an infection that I caught from him. He better get tested. I don’t appreciate being taken advantage of by a two bit low life with milk goggle glasses. Who knows how many women he screwed. This guy needs serious help. He is very careless and sexually obsessed. I don’t want a guy like that. I also do not want his infections..Total jerk. Grow up dude!

Improve your bedroom skills and get your act together. Get some class dude. gets some-self worth and start acting live a respectable human being instead of a bed hopper. You must be miserable……………….Glad i was with you only once. You said you are a daddy?? Your poor kids- get your act together before its too late………………I lost a bracelet the night we were together..You don’t have it in your possession do you?? Check your backseat? I found you on Facebook- after you said you do not use Facebook…….Lies..lies!!! Thanks.

my darren

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  1. how gross…………Hope he does not try sex with 80 year olds. he could get arrested for that.

  2. Don’t condemn this poor lost soul..He is sick and has lost his way. He needs therapy and God………….Pray he will seek help and guidance from the Lord in heaven before it is too late……………………God Bless you son!

  3. Those without sin cast the first stone. Can’t you people see this man is sick and in the depths of serious mental illness/ possibly a psychotic breakdown. Any one would agree this is abnormal behavior with a capital “A”. This lost soul is hurting and craving attention- his way of getting it is thru sexual exploitation; maybe this creature of God did come from a good home. We need to pray for him and hope he repents before he passes on. If not the poor dear may face loss of salvation. Some of the cruel jokes i read on other sites like – “keep your pants on loser” and “your ugly inside and out”! By hurting this disturbed creature you people are making matters worse. This man needs love and comfort (not sexual) and someone to help him believe in himself- maybe a pastor or doctor. Most of all he needs mental rehabilitation. People with mental illness like this man suffer every day of their lives. They never have a peaceful moment. Pray that this child of Jesus Christ finds his way and changes his sinful and wasted life- God Bless you my child- a child of the Lord Jesus Christ:

  4. I disagree….Why pray for this hopeless predator. I don’t believe people EVER change…while you are wasting your time praying this Pervert is probably out stalking his next SEXUAL victim….Forget prayer- Expose this BAD SEED! You don’t coddle a Sexual Predator. You make them face the Music…Sooner the better…………………

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